1How to download?

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You must have a torrent application for pc or on your android device.

When you finished downloading and installing an torrent application proceed to step 1.3 by the way I'm using uTorrent
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Find the torrent download button and click it.(usually it is on the right side of the description of an apllication) and wait for it to finish downloading.
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When you click your torrent file it will open the TORRENT PC APP (uTorrent). Select path to download and wait for it until you finished downloading. But make sure that you dont close the TORRENT PC APP for continuous seeding for everyone.
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Registered users have 5 daily downloads. Trust seeders have 30 daily downloads. If you want to remove limit >> GET VIP
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Also you can see step by step animation of downloading

Enjoy downloading!!!

click me

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2How to create torrent?

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3How to post new release and start seeding?

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4How to reupload torrent?

Для того чтобы перезалить торрент попросите модератора выставить статус раздачи на * - не проверено. Вам станет доступно редактирование темы. И далее по шагам как на скриншоте:
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5How to rise reputation?

Recently there was established limit in accordance with REPUTATION LIMIT for downloading of some releases
Redaction v.1: zxc from 2019-08-19 15:17
The easiest way to earn reputation is to share with other users any book, video or program, which is not exist on the tracker, with a nautical theme, and which is really needed by others. Reputation will grow up - right before your eyes! Or you may ask the releaser via Private Mail and he probably help you to download this release.That is his prerogative to install any limitation or remove them.
Redaction v.4: zxc from 2019-08-19 15:21
What affects reputation and how to increase it?
  • - The creation of new releases. Reputation will increase depending on how many users click THANK U (+1 reputation for each thanks)
  • - Run the query in the table of orders. All votes will be added to your reputation.
  • - You can affect the reputation of users using the + and - buttons under the comments and themes
Redaction v.3: zxc from 2020-10-23 18:28
The most reputation limits are not exceed 1-5 points. Believe me - to earn these points will be much easy then you will go somewhere and buy this book or video or program.Yes, we know that it limits approach of users - but as you can see most of the users just downloading and even do not seeding. That is why here were emposed some limitations, which push users to be more active and fill up site with some content.
Redaction v.2: zxc from 2019-08-19 15:20
Do not try to increase your reputation with using fake accounts - it is very easy to calculate who is who. Those users who violate this rule - will be panished with negative reputation.
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6How to rise download limit?

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