1How to download?

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You must have a torrent application for pc or on your android device.

When you finished downloading and installing an torrent application proceed to step 1.3 by the way I'm using uTorrent
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Find the torrent download button and click it.(usually it is on the right side of the description of an apllication) and wait for it to finish downloading.
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When you click your torrent file it will open the TORRENT PC APP (uTorrent). Select path to download and wait for it until you finished downloading. But make sure that you dont close the TORRENT PC APP for continuous seeding for everyone.
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Before you start the download, you can change the filename save path
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Registered users have 5 daily downloads. Trust seeders have 15 daily downloads. If you want to remove limit >> GET VIP
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Also you can see step by step animation of downloading

Enjoy downloading!!!

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2How to create torrent?

To create a torrent, open the uTorrent client and select the "Create new torrent ..." option in the "File" menu. Or select the wand button on the toolbar. Or we type on the keyboard a combination of hot keys: Ctrl + N
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The torrent creation dialog will appear. If there should be only one file in the distribution, press the SELECT FILE button and specify the path to it in the window that appears (select the file itself and click Open).
If there should be several files in the distribution, press the button SELECT FOLDER (all files should be in one folder, and there should not be anything superfluous in this folder).
It is highly recommended to check if there are any hidden or system files in the shared folder, for example, desktop.ini, Thumbs.db and the like. Such files can be changed by the operating system without your knowledge, and then the torrent will have to be recreated, otherwise it will simply not be possible to remain a full seed on the distribution.
To see hidden or system files, it may be necessary in Windows Explorer (aka My Computer) to select Tools > Folder options ... > View > Show hidden files and folders, and disable the Hide protected system files checkbox there.
After making sure that all the necessary files are in the distributed folder, we can return to uTorrent and click the Select folder button: Note: in new versions of the client (2.0 and higher) it is recommended to check the Save file order checkbox, as shown in the screenshot above.
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We are looking for a folder with our file. Then click on the desired file and click "Open"
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Torrent settings:

Exclude - used when creating a multi-file torrent to exclude unnecessary files / folders. To do this, enter the name of the excluded file / folder in the field and, if there are several of them, enter it, separating the names with a vertical line |. More details.

Trackers - leave blank or you can add a record of our tracker:
Value You can find PASSKEY in your profile. Trackers are automatically registered in the torrent file after you have uploaded it to the site and downloaded it again to your client.

Part size - in most cases nothing needs to be changed here, uTorrent automatically determines the optimal part (block) size based on the volume of the entire torrent. But if we want to reduce the size of the torrent file (the tracker has restrictions on its size), you can specify the maximum allowable size of 15mb.

Private torrent - this parameter prohibits downloading via DHT check if you set a download limit by reputation.

Web seed - leave blank.

Start seeding - check. When you set it, the torrent will automatically start immediately after the completion of the torrent creation, and if you specified the tracker correctly, the torrent will turn green. However, in order to take statistics into account, it must first be registered on the tracker. Now we press the button "Create and save in ..."

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It remains to wait until the torrent is created and specify the folder where you want to save the torrent file. Click "Save".
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Important! Don't make the names of both the torrent itself and the files uploaded too long. Problems may occur with some torrent clients
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3How to post new release and start seeding?

To create a release, you need to go to the category corresponding to your topic and click thebutton
You can also create the release from the home page. In the left menu find the window for creating a new release
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Fields marked with a red asterisk are required
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If the release form is completed, all the required fields are filled in, a torrent file is added - then click the "Continue" button. You will be taken to the editor where you can make additional edits. Be careful when adding / removing tags. Each opening tag must have a closing tag, but there are exceptions. More about bbcode tags
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After you have checked out and saved your release, you need to download your torrent file and run. The torrent client will ask to overwrite the list of trackers, be sure to agree

You can skip this step if you specified the trackers correctly when creating the torrent file in the client. The list of trackers should be like this (be sure to leave an empty line between trackers if there are several of them)
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If after creating the release you are on the list of leechers, and the torrent in the torrent client has the status Loading 0 %, then most likely you incorrectly specified the path to the source files when creating the torrent. To avoid this, check the box Start seeding as described in paragraph 2.4
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A step-by-step video on creating a torrent and decorating a distribution from Arcan:

click me

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4How to reupload torrent?

In order to re-upload the torrent, ask the moderator to set the distribution status to * - not checked . You will be able to edit the theme. And then step by step as in the screenshot:
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5How to rise reputation?

Recently there was established limit in accordance with REPUTATION LIMIT for downloading of some releases
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The easiest way to earn reputation is to share with other users any book, video or program, which is not exist on the tracker, with a nautical theme, and which is really needed by others. Reputation will grow up - right before your eyes! Or you may ask the releaser via Private Mail and he probably help you to download this release.That is his prerogative to install any limitation or remove them.
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What affects reputation and how to increase it?
  • - The creation of new releases. Reputation will increase depending on how many users click THANK U (+1 reputation for each thanks)
  • - Run the query in the table of orders. All votes will be added to your reputation.
  • - You can affect the reputation of users using the + and - buttons under the comments and themes
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The most reputation limits are not exceed 1-5 points. Believe me - to earn these points will be much easy then you will go somewhere and buy this book or video or program.Yes, we know that it limits approach of users - but as you can see most of the users just downloading and even do not seeding. That is why here were emposed some limitations, which push users to be more active and fill up site with some content.
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Do not try to increase your reputation with using fake accounts - it is very easy to calculate who is who. Those users who violate this rule - will be panished with negative reputation.
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6How to rise download limit?

Many of you have already noticed that a certain number of torrents are available for download per day, but not many are aware of how to increase the number of available downloads or remove this limitation altogether.
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You can see the current daily limit in your profile or in the user panel on the left of the main page
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Formula for daily limit: DL = (OL + T + √R + S + M + TS + V)
DL - Total limit,
OL - Standard limit (equal to 5 for all)
T - Bonus for created releases (+5 immediately and +1 daily for each release)
R - Bonus for the rating (The rating formula is equal to the ratio of the downloaded to the downloaded)
S - Bonus for stars (depends on reputation)
M - Bonus for awards (+1 for each medal)
TS - Bonus of 15 downloads for users from the group Trust Seeder . To get into this group, you must have more than 50 active torrents.
V - VIP bonus. You can get VIP on the page
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Ways to increase the daily limit:
1. Expensive and fast For 10-20$ you get VIP status with access to a closed section and unlimited downloading of any torrents. When paying for a lower amount, you will only receive additional downloads at the rate of 0.025$ - 0.1$. for 1 download + disable ads on all pages
2. Do not stop seeding and keep active as many torrents as possible increasing your rating. If the number of active torrents exceeds 50, then you will be automatically added to the group Trust Seeder and thereby increasing your daily limit by 15 torrents per day
3. Exchange seed-bonuses and increase your rating



4. Seeding your hands increases the rating well, which affects the limit
5. Earn reputation > 100 and get access to the hidden section
6. ​​ Execute a request in the order table and get an increase in reputation depending on the number of voters
7. Collect medals and get +1 to the limit for each medal
8. Earn reputation
9. When you create a release and receive the status - checked you immediately get +5 additional downloads, as well as an increase of +1 to the limit
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Limits are updated at 23:59 MSK.
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