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Year: 2005
Version: 2.1.2
Developer: Capt. Dragan Milatovic
Platform: Windows
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 x32 or x64
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: Baplie Viewer doesn't expect any user input for normal work. User just need to show which file is to be decoded.
Baplie Viewer doesn't edit and/or change original BAPLIE file. Baplie viewer shows content of file and doesn't assume vessel shape and
or size or type of cargo carried in containers.
What Baplie viewer program does?
Baplie viewer (BV), decodes BAPLIE file. Baplie is textual file that is transmitted between container terminals and/or from terminal to a vessel.
BV decodes and displays content of BAPLIE file. BV was prepared for BAPLIE version 1.5, however it is able to decode version 1.4 and 2.0.
Program is updated to read BAPLIE version 3.0 as per manual dated 10/2000. In time of programming no container terminal was using version 3.0.

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BV can handle standard BAPLIE files with and without line ends (see Remove line feed for explanation).
BV can be used on any container vessel, regardless of number of bays, rows, and tiers. Number of containers, discharging ports are limited
only by computer memory and BAPLIE file limitation. One floppy disk of 1.44 Mb may contain about 10000 containers, number will vary depending
of size of information accompanying reefer and class containers.
BV can filter, sort, print reports, find container and store last 4 working conditions for fast retrieval.
Decoded files can be exported as DBF (dBase IV), CSV (comma separated value) and TXT (text files TAB delimited).
BAPLIE file can be converted for use with to Easeacon@ stability program. Baplie Viewer can export container data to Excel sheet using preset template.
What is BAPLIE?
BAPLIE is set of instructions stored in text file, used to transmit information about all occupied places on board of a vessel to interested parties
like ship-owner and the terminal operator in next port of call. Although the message is also suitable to transmit information about empty places this
feature is not used.
In generally, only complete messages “BAPLIE” have to be transmitted, whereas only occupied stowage locations, either by equipment or
special cargo (break bulk), should be mentioned.
The message can be transmitted to the vessel (i.e. via modem or by floppy disk) eliminating the use of the paper “master” plan.
Who controls BAPLIE instructions?
BAPLIE is designed by the SMDG (User group for Shipping Lines and Container terminals). Full name of the BAPLIE file is
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