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Hazcheck DGL Lite

Year: 2017
Version: 4.00/A38
Developer: Exis Technologies
Platform: Android
64-bit OS compatibility: no
System Requirements: Android v1.6 or higher
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: Hazcheck DGL Lite is a free mobile app for those that need quick and easy access to the main IMDG Code classification information as contained in the Dangerous Goods List. The app is now updated to include the Amendment 38-16 update and provides access to both this and the current Amendment in force, Amendment 37-14, during the 2017 transition year.
Based on the Hazcheck Systems produced by Exis Technologies this App provides a quick reference tool for those involved in the transport and handling of dangerous goods by sea. It provides a simple interactive user interface for checking any entry in the IMDG Code DGL or substance index. Type in the UN Number or initial letters of a chemical name referenced in the IMDG Code and this application will provide you with details on class, sub-risk (as applicable), packing group, identify if the substance is a marine pollutant and show the applicable labels.
No network connection is required to access data supplied in this application, so it is accessible in any situation.


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New 2018 edition with amendments 38-16:
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