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EXCEL Calculation tool for assessment of ships' energy consumption and fuel gas emissions, including CO2 (EEDI)

Year: 2016
Developer: University of Southern Denmark
Platform: Windows / MacOS / Linux
System Requirements: Microsoft Office 2003 and higher
Localization: english
Description: The tool, which can be used for existing ships as well as newbuilds, is made in three versions: for container ships, for bulk carriers and for tankers.
The tool is intended for shipowners, naval architects and others in the industry and may be used for analysing CO2- and other emissions from ships, e.g. with a view to adhering to the IMO’s limit values for energy efficiency (EEDI), which took effect on January 1 2013.

Additional information

The tool is, however, also intended for persons and companies working with energy consumption and emissions from various modes of transportation, as the programmes will enable calculations of the relevant energy- and emission data for transportation at sea for comparisons with other transportation modes.
Simply by inserting a ship’s payload capacity, rate of utilisation and speed, the model of calculation will return an approximate figure for CO2-emission, energy consumption as well as determine other emission products. The calculation can be made even more precise by inserting a number of parametres such as engine- and fuel types and employment of various technical measures for reduction of fuel gas emissions, primarily NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulphur oxides).


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