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On Command Practical Guide

Year: 2000
Language: english
Author: The Nautical Institute
Genre: Guide
Publisher: O'Sullivan Printing Corporation
Edition: Second
ISBN: 1-870077-55-5
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 367
Description: SHIPMASTERS today and those IN COMMAND 0f naval vessels have unique authority which is different to that of the factory manager or civil servant. Ships, although under the jurisdiction of the Flag State, are treated in law as independent 'out-posts'. The master and commanding officer are expected to uphold the general rule of law and to ensure the safety of the crew and the ship using their best judgement.
Command, like all other aspects of management, is changing. Being a good chief navigator is essential but it is not enough. Shipmasters have to be able to contribute to the success of their companies and it is with this in mind that The Nautical Institute has developed the Command Partnership Programme and revised this book on Command.
The Nautical Institute has taken the view that shipmasters want standards to improve. The command book and scheme is the Nautical Institute's contribution to providing international industry-wide support to future captains.


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