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Furuno ECDIS Operator's Manual FEA-2807/2107/2107-BB

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: Furuno
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Furuno
Edition: B1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 602
Description: The FEA-2x07 series ECDIS is the product of FURUNO’s extensive experience in computer technology and marine
electronics. It complies with IMO Resolution A.817(19), IEC 61174 and other related standards. The ECDIS
displays electronic charts, nav lines, ARPA data, AIS targets and other navigation data on a high-resolution 20.1-
inch (FEA-2107) or 23.1-inch display (FEA-2807). The FEA-2107-BB is supplied without a monitor, permitting use
of the commercial monitor of your choice.
The main features of the ECDIS are
• Continuous monitoring of ship’s position through multi-sensor Kalman filter processing using GPS, DPGS,
• Route planning and route monitoring facilities
• Wide variety of warning facilities contribute to safer and more efficient navigation
• Radar image may be superimposed on electronic charts (option)
• Grounding warnings, safe depth contours
• Chart database loaded and updated using CD ROMs
• Target data from ARPA/radar and AIS transponder to aid collision avoidance. (AIS transponder and ARPA)


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