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SailGrib Weather - Routing - Navigation v. 2.3.5

Year: 2017
Version: 2.3.5
Developer: SailGrib
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Localization: english
Crack: Included
Description: SailGrib WR is an easy to use full-fledged marine navigation app with a very sophisticated and unique weather routing module.
It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers.
It can calculate the fastest sailing route to your destination along a route with waypoints.
The app has earned the following distinctions :
- designed for Iridium GO! and Approved by Iridium - january 2015
- Voiles et Voiliers - use it while cruising or racing - November 2014
- Yachting World - "impressive" - July 2014
- Transatlantic race The Cape - Rio 2014 - The Sun Fast 3200 Yolo winner in class 2
- Fastnet 2015 - The JPK1010 winner in IRC3
- Tour de Corse 2016 - The Sun Fast 3200 Hokua winner in IRC4 and 3rd in IRC Overall
- Spi Ouest France 2017 - The JPK 1080 LSResa winner in IRC double-handed

More Info

It now includes:
- free download of all NOAA marine raster charts
- in app purchase of marine raster charts atlases derived from UKHO, SHOM and NOAA marine charts
- a WiFi NMEA interface
- an AIS module
- a navigation panel
- a instrument panel
- the option to load custom charts
- a full set of atlases of tidal currents for all the European coasts. A SailGrib WR exclusivity
- a tide module which calculates and displays tides level predictions around the world
- the NOAA models:
- GFS 0.25°, 0.50° and 1.00°
- NAM and NAM Nest for the continental US
- WW3 global waves
- the Météo France models:
- Arpege - Global 0.5°
- Arpege - Europe - High Resolution 0.1°
- Arome - France - Ultra High Resolution 0.025°
- the oceanic and coastal current models from Mercator Ocean.
- a virtual regatta option to help you win games.
In SailGrib WR, you can specify for your weather routing amongst other parameters:
- the wind grib file: SailGrib WR includes the regular SailGrib features.
- the start, the destination points and intermediary waypoints
- the departure date and time,
- the speed polar file of your boat. SailGrib WR uses regular Maxsea polar files (.pol extension)
SailGrib WR includes a set of more than 300 polar files for different sailboats.
- wind limits up and downwind
- minimum upwind angle for comfort while cruising
- night efficiency loss for cruising
- mixed routing: use your engine if you are too slow sailing.
- the current
Оценка: 5 / 5 (Голосов: 14)
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