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Navi-Sailor 4000 ECS v 1.11.005 [2008] VirtualBox Workstation with Win XP(En) x86 + TX97/WF 43

Year: 2009
Version: 1.11.005
Developer: Transas
Platform: Windows all x86, x64
Windows7 compatibility: no
System Requirements: VirtualBox installed, RAM for virtual engine at least 1.0 Gb and 10 Gb space on hard disk
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: VirtualBox Workstation with installed Transas Navi-Sailor 4000 and Win XP (En). Installed charts WF43 (Update until Dec, 30, 2009.)
Engine configured to backup.
VirtualBox works with Windows 7, 8, 10 either x86 , or x64, and also with Linux.
Additional info: 1. Install VirtualBox with VirtualBox Extension Pack
2. Create Virtual engine (Win XP x86) with RAM at least 1.0 Gb, and VideoMemory 32 mb
3. Use downloaded file as hard disk.


khanohg 20-Мар-2018 18:35
27393It is not working
Did you start emu before starting Navisailor?
I have
I tried on my new windows 10 laptop and latest oracle virtual box software. Now it is working. My old computer has windows 8.1.
юрец 09-Дек-2018 12:48
Спасибо за оперативность, успокоил Гуд! Компания переходит на 4000 вот и озадачился тем что все маршруты перебивать в рукопашную придется с 3000
alijanlou 09-Янв-2019 10:46
I need ERS 5000 or 4000 just installation files (CD or DVD) (without License and dongle)
and LCHS 5000 or 4000 installation files (CD or DVD) (without License and dongle)
could any body help me please?
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