gillnumil ® 01-Jul-2018 07:46

Cargo Work Digital Library - IRISL Training Institute

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Mahdi Bordbar
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: IRISL Training Institute
Edition: 1
Format: exe
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 1000
Description: IRISL Digital Library containing many useful books in one single package.


Refer Screenshot for contents.


Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 27)
Arcan 01-Jul-2018 08:16
gillnumil, Are you sure that it is PDF format if your file name CargoWork.exe ?
If it PDF scanned book - it should be with extension .pdf , but not as .exe.
Or change description.
gillnumil ® 01-Jul-2018 08:37
Arcan, The package is in exe format but inside all pdf books are there. The package does not install anything on the computer, it only facilitates opening of the package where all books are stored together.
zxc 01-Jul-2018 15:12
Эти раздачи оставим. Но в будущем предпочтительнее создавать раздачи с отдельными книгами. Не вижу смысла сборках, т.к. большинство этих книг уже выложено на трекере
GOOGLE BOT 01-Jul-2018 15:12
Arcan 04-Jul-2018 16:10
touzorro, I know that.
"It is prohibited:
4.6 Create and post for download release in the cumulative files, without prior approval from the relevant moderator, namely:- the archive (RAR, ZIP, ...) is prohibited in all categories of the tracker,- in the disk image (ISO, MDF, NRG, ...) is prohibited for books, allowed for software."
"Exe" file here is the same cumulative file.
That is why it has been remained for admin's approval.
gillnumil ® 12-Jul-2018 06:02
@qazi.faisal, Thank you for pm regarding my post. The files are very large in size not possible to send them on email.
Moreover it would defeat the purpose of this site. Reputation is a way to coax people into sharing and seeding instead of only being leechers.
Kindly increase ur reputation to download books. Reputation is very easy to build. That way you can access all the available downloads.
Follow this link on how to increase reputation
gillnumil ® 28-Sep-2018 15:28
Tango Juliet, I checked it on Win 10. It seems to work fine for me.
Please try following:
1) Download the file fresh again.
2) Upon completion, Right click on it and Run as Administrator.
Thats it. It should open now. Click on Index and choose the file required.
Also can try and transfer it to a pen drive and try running it on some other laptop or desktop.
Tango Juliet 28-Sep-2018 15:36
gillnumil, I tried to Run As Administrator , but still problem exist. Tried on another PC with Windows 7 , and shows the same. I will download the files again and will try again.
gillnumil ® 28-Sep-2018 15:54
Tango Juliet, It works fine for me and till now nobody has had problem with this file. I have also tried on other PC.
Please also try restarting the PC.
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