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Global Counter Piracy Guidance for Companies, Masters and Seafarers

Year: 2018
Language: english
Genre: Guide
Publisher: WITHERBY
Edition: 1st
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 84
Description: The purpose of this guidance is to protect seafarers, the ship and cargo and, to facilitate threat and risk assessment and planning for voyages transiting areas where the threat of attack by pirates and armed robbers exists.


his guidance consists of:
General advice and recommendations that are common to mitigate against attack by pirates and armed robbers;
Guidance on threat and risk assessment, planning and the implementation of self-protection measures; and
Appendix A providing information on other security threats and the fundamental requirements and recommendations to ensure that companies and ships can respond to those threats in a proportionate and dynamic way.
Annexes providing information on regions where there is a risk of piracy and armed robbery and where prior planning and preparation before transiting the region is recommended.


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