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Seagull CBT's / Computer Based Training Seagull A.S.

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: Seagull A.S..
Genre: Training courses
Format: Other
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: Seagull A.S.
Description: Compatibility with Windows7: unknown
Crack: Not needed


Following Seagull CBT's
CD1006 - HUAL Cargo Handling Quality
CD1016 - Emergency Towing System
CD1018 - Steering Gear
CD1051 - Maritime English, Pilot On The Bridge
CD1052 - Use Of Nitrogen (chemical tanker)
CD1070 - WWL Cargo Handling
CD1071 - WWL Cargo Securing Basic
CD1072 - WWL Cargo Securing Advanced
CD1080 - Safety On Gearbulk Vessels
CD1102 - Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment Operation
CD1103 - Greasing Mooring Winches & Windlasses
CD1106 - Anchoring
CD1107 - Risk Assessment
CD1108 - Safety In Dry Dock
CD1110 - Introduction to Structural Integrity Management System
CD1111 - Theory of Hull Structures
CD1150 - ISO14001 Environmental Management
CD1151 - Odfjell Company
CD1180 - ISO14001 Environmental Management
CD1190 - Zero Damage on Specialized Refers
CD1220 - Navigational Awareness
CD1230 - Electronic Chart System


Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 24)
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