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ESD Arrangements & linked ship shore systems for Liquefied Gas Carriers

Year: 2009
Language: english
Author: SIGTTO
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Witherby Publishing Group Ltd
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978 1 905331 90 1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 61
Description: SIGTTO has produced this guidance note due to members’ concerns about the different interpretations of the functional requirements for ESD systems, particularly those differences between the needs of the LNG industry and those of the LPG industry and how these may interact with linked ship/shore shutdown systems. This document is also intended to promote and encourage more widespread use of linked ESD systems at both LNG and LPG terminals, particularly where cargo transfer rates are high or where the cargo being handled is one of the products referred to in Chapter 17 of the 1993 edition of the IGC Code. It is not the intention of this document to contradict any national or international standards or requirements for operational practices at the liquefied gas ship/shore interface.
Additional info: Includes Addendum published in 2017.



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