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Comperative Naval Architecture of Modern Foreign Submarines

Year: 1988
Language: english
Author: John K. Stenard
Genre: Research papers
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Pages count: 376
Description: A comparative design study of ten conventional and nuclear-powered fast attack
submarines Is performed. Data sources are limited to those available in the open
literature. The analysis is confined to those submarines which are of the greatest
interest and for which enough design information is available to conduct an adequate
study The data for each of the selected submarines is then parameterized, analyzed,
and compared on the basis of design and military capabilities. The design philosophy
and top level requirement of each submarine Is then Inferred from its naval architecture
and military capabilities. It is concluded that automation of systems will allow a reduction
of crew size, which then permits a larger battery and greater provision, fuel, and
weapons loadouts. This will lead to greater combat effectiveness due to increased
range, attack flexibility, speed, and weapons delivery potential.



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