walidbenkharrat ® 22-Jul-2019 00:28
Good evening,
I'm looking for International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT).
Many thanks.
gillnumil 22-Jul-2019 06:40
walidbenkharrat, I suggest you try and increase your reputation.
Since you have joined your posts are all about downloading, about people not seeding and wanting books which are required by you and you only have leechers medal.
Its a two way street.
You cannot keep on downloading only and want more and more.
You should try and keep on seeding all the posts you have downloaded. Its ironic that you have blamed releasers for not seeding when you yourself dont bother about seeding and sharing with others.
You can have accesss to ISGOTT and many more publications very easily if you increase reputation by uploading any maritime related stuff which has not been previously posted here.
walidbenkharrat ® 22-Jul-2019 10:36
I talked with the admin in this matter before, for the moment I have only an android cell phone, and there isn't any way to upload using it, If it is possible to include method by emailing books to the admin.
Many thanks to u.
GOOGLE BOT 22-Jul-2019 10:36
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