Arahachmeriyan ® 19-Mar-2019 21:12
Have you encountered this somewhere?
skipper3362 19-Mar-2019 21:25
have pacience , only published 15 march of this year , we not so fast here.
someone have to pay for it , and then scan it , and post it here that takes time
skipper3362 23-Aug-2019 10:19
but is wil get a reputation limit so start looking for yourself of matrials to post
shall be a small limit so with one post readchalbel
skipper3362 23-Aug-2019 13:16
go in to the information secton and it will be explained
also how to make post your self and wen you made these you ger reputaion , so you can dowmload more also from the reputions books
we have here more them 1800 thousend member but only 14 of them made more then 100 posted.
most of the m,embers come only by and take the files without even say thanks you so the owner made the reapytion system.
wen we try to post alle the the site will grown further and to alle use of everyone
so maybe one of your school books that are not here ore borrow from shool libary
scan it in and post it
skipper3362 23-Aug-2019 14:15
that is corect , work in progress , i have to do some small last thing s on it before i can go posting , come in a bigger serie of books were i am working to gone get post here soon
so you have the time to find your one post and post them here and get a reputaion
GOOGLE BOT 23-Aug-2019 14:15
wa456 23-Aug-2019 14:45
skipper3362, I have about 1G of maritime books, for the moment I do not have a laptop and there is no way to uploid using smartphone, if possible if the admin can include a method to uploid using utorrent apk in addition to pc, also I recommand to include method to download from online storage like google drive, that's will be better, believe me I have many interesting books and very useful, but for the moment I do not have a laptop, many thanks for you.
skipper3362 23-Aug-2019 15:02
send a mail to zxc he is tho owner and head admin , maybe he can help you with that
maybe he knows a other way then by torrent client
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