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ROM 3.1-99 Proyecto De La Configuracion Maritima De Los Puertos; Canales De Acceso Y Areas De Flotacion

Year: 2000
Language: spanish
Author: Carlos Sanchidrián et alli
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: Puertos del Estado (Spain)
Edition: 1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 437
Description: With the publication of the «Recommendations for the Design of the Maritime Configuration of Ports, Approach Channels and Harbour Basins» (ROM 3.1-99), Puertos del Estado is materializing one of the Codes anticipated in 1987 when the ROM (Recommendations for Maritime Works) Programme was started by order of the former Directorate General for Ports and Coasts of the Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development.
These new recommendations strengthen the concept of port operability as a basis for laying down design criteria for the maritime configuration of ports, their approach channels and harbour basins.Therefore, ROM 3.1- 99 does not just set mandatory maritime-port safety requirements but also seeks to guarantee minimum vessel navigation and manoeuvrability conditions in port waters and, finally, contribute to optimise the operating system of the different port areas attending to vessel traffic.
With this in mind, the main purpose of this ROM 3.1-99 is to design and build the maritime configuration of ports, their approache channels and harbour basins.Whilst not constituting a Regulation for Maritime Operation of these areas, the ROM 3.1-99 may easily be applied to this end, taking into account the fact that the maritime configuration of ports has to guarantee the limit operating conditions to be established for different vessel manoeuvring in port waters.
To this end, and within its scope of application, the ROM 3.1-99 echoes the major, methodological renewal effort that Puertos del Estado has addressed for the whole ROM Programme, one of whose supports is precisely to make safety requirements compatible with those of functionality.The design of the cross section and the layout of vessel navigation and manoeuvring areas in ports calls for the external actions envisaged during the service period of these areas to be taken into account as well as the predicted vessel traffic and types.This circumstance provides the content of this ROM 3.1-99 with a functional view more adaptable to the integral planning process of maritime-port construction.
These Recommendations reflect this modernizing effort and make use of the whole rich flow of technology currently existing in the field of vessel manoeuvrability and of the interaction of such vessels with their physical environment (wind, waves and current).To this effect, a suitable path is opened for the rational use of probabilistic methods, simulation techniques and scale model testing for full characterization of the most frequent manoeuvring of vessels operating in ports.
The use of the most advanced technology in the maritime-port field for designing approach channels and harbour basins allows the user of these Recommendations, whether a planner, designer or builder, to propose a calculation methodology adaptable to the targets and the available resources, without detriment to setting minimum general requirements. In this way, the ROM 3.1-99 is configured as an open instrument which proposes advanced calculation lines coherent with the general provisions of international organizations (IMO, IMMA, etc.) and committed to achieving a high standard of safety and operability in our port waters.
Additional info: There is official english version here https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=39008


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