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Command Under Sail, Makers of the American Naval Tradition 1775-1850

Year: 1985
Language: english
Author: various authors
Genre: History
Publisher: US Naval Institute
ISBN: 978-1-61251-261-7
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: n/a
Description: The U.S. Navy was born just as the Age of Sail reached its climax. During this era the traditions and the style that would guide and characterize the Navy for the next century and a half were set. Anyway it was a trying time. Until well after the Revolution there were Americans who seriously doubted the desirability of having a navy, and during the next fifty years started the transition to the modern era as propulsion changed from sail to steam, hulls from wood to iron and steel, and armaments from smoothbore cannon to rifled guns; but the basis of the U. S. Navy was already laid.
This book is a collection of essays on 12 officers who helped to build the foundation of the U.S. Naval tradition, and this approach to naval history makes the era more concrete and vivid. These biographical studies, all written especially for this volume, are interpretive rather than merely descriptive, because all was not gunsmoke and grapeshot, cannon and cutlass, strategists, administrators, and educators were equally important.
Editor James C. Bradford is Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University where he teaches American and naval history. He did undergraduate work at Michigan State University and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia. He taught Early American and naval history at the U.S. Naval Academy from 1973 to 1981.



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