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Passage Planning Practice

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: Captain Nadeem Anwar
Genre: Практическое пособие
Publisher: Witherbys Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781856093231
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Number of pages: 56
Description: While The advice given in this book (Passage Planning Practice) has been developed using
the best information currently available, it is intended purely as guidance to be used at the
user’s own risk. Neither Witherbys Publishing or Seamanship International accepts any
responsibility for the accuracy of any information or advice given in [he document or any
omission from the document or for any consequence whatsoever resulting directly or
indirectly from compliance with or adoption of guidance contained in the document even if
caused by failure to exercise reasonable care.
This publication has been prepared to deal with the subject of Passage Planning. This should
not however, be taken to mean that this publication deals comprehensively with all the issues
thai will need to be addressed or even, where a particular issue is addressed, that, this
publication sets out the only definitive view for all situations.
The opinions expressed are those of the authors only and are not necessarily to he taken as
the policies or views of any organisation with which he or they have any connection.
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