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Advanced Marine Engineering Knowledge - Volume III (Questions and Answers)

Year: 2001
Language: english
Author: V. Gokhale, N. Nanda
Genre: Technical book
Edition: -
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 241
Description: Safety, on board a ship, is critically dependent on the seafarers, their | values and the environment in which they live and work. Basic safety is incorporated in a ship through regulations and procedures.
As the ship’s structure is exposed to a highly corrosive environment, and marine machinery is constantly subjected to very severe conditions, hazardous conditions can develop, unless the ship and its machinery is properly maintained. Mariners need to get a sufficient theoretical knowledge, to supplement their own practical experience. It is necessary for them to be properly trained, both by lectures ashore, as well as by self study, while at sea.
To enable students to study, while at sea, the authors have prepared this text book in the form of a comprehensive set of questions and answers, which should supplement the numerous standard textbooks already available.
Mr. Vikram Gokhaie and Mr. N. Nanda are both already well known in the marine field. They arc Chief Engineers, with a lot of practical experience, both as ship-board engineers, as well as senior faculty in the LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research, one of the premier maritime
institutions in India.
This book "Advanced Marine Engineering Knowledge — Volume HI Questions and Answers” written by Mr. Vikram Gokhaie and Mr. N. Nanda, has a comprehensive coverage of the topics required at- an advanced level for MEG Certificates of Competency at Operational and Management levels.
They have put in a lot of hard work and-I have much pleasure in paying this tribute to their dedication and sincere effort. All Mariners will find this book of considerable value and guidance I sincerely wish them the best of success in this book.


‘Advanced Marine Engineering Knowledge - Volume HI Questions and Answers’ covers the following Functions / Subjects a the Operational and Management level
Functions :
1. Marine Engineering at Operational / Management level.
2. Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at Operational / Management level.
3. Maintenance and Repair at Operational / Management level
4. Controlling Operation cf the Ship and care for persons at Operational / Management level.
1. Marine Engineering Knowledge (General).
2. Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motcr/Steam).
3. 'Marine Electrotechnology and Electronics.
4. Marine Engineering Practice.
5. Naval Architecture and Ship Construction.
6. Ship’s Safety and Environment Protection. •
Surveys, Regulation and Environment Protection Fire and Ship’s safety Auxiliary Machinery
Pumps and pumping systems.
Heat exchangers and drinking water systems. Deck machinery.
Boilers and boiler water treatment.
Naval Architecture and Ship Construction.
Lubes and Fuels.
Shafting, Propellers. Steering gear and controls.
Air Compressors.
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
Combustion, Indicator cards, Fuel pumps and Injectors. Crosshead, hearings and bolts.
Starting air system.
Engine components.
Electrical systems, index..
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