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MARPOL Annex VI & NTC 2008 with Guides for Implementations

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: IMO
Genre: Guide
Publisher: CPI Grope (UK) Ltd
Edition: 3
ISBN: 978-92-801-1560-4
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 352
Description: This IMO publication presents the revised MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships, including chapter 3 requirements for control of emissions from ships, and a new chapter 4, Regulations on energy efficiency for ships (that enter into force on 1 January 2013). Chapter 4 makes mandatory the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), for new ships, and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) for all ships.
Additional info: Some empty pages without any info on them where not scanned to decrease the quantity of MB. That is why the quantity of pages in this torrent is not equal with original numbering.
Interactive menu is added for easy navigation.
Book is up-to-dated till April 2016 (Errata 04.2014 + Errata 05.2015 + Supplement 09.2015 are included. Affected places are corrected)

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GOOGLE BOT 08-Июл-2016 16:50
Arcan 16-Май-2017 20:22
30835You can send me a book to my mail?
Nobody will send to your email 99 mb. If you wish to have it - just download it by yourself using utorrent or any other torrent software.
Good luck!
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