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Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability

Year: 2000
Language: english
Author: D.Vassalos,M.Hamamoto,D.Molyneux,A.Papanikolaou
Genre: Conference
Publisher: ELSEVIER Ltd
Edition: first
ISBN: 0080436528
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Description: Widely publicised disasters serve as a reminder to the maritime profession of the eminent need for enhancing safety cost-effectively and as a strong indicator of the existing gaps in the stability safety of ships and ocean vehicles. The problem of ship stability is so complex that practically meaningful solutions are feasible only through close international collaboration and concerted efforts by the maritime community, deriving from sound scientific approaches. Responding to this and building on an established track record of co-operative research between UK and Japan, a Collaborative Research Project (CRP) was launched in 1995.
This volume includes selected material from the first four workshops: 1st in University of Strathclyde, July 1995 organized by Professor Vassalos; 2nd in Osaka Japan, Osaka University, November 1996 organized by Professor Masami Hamamoto; 3rd in Crete Greece, Ship Design Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA-SDL), October 1997 organized by Professor Apostolos Papanikolaou; and 4th in Newfoundland Canada, Institute for Marine Dynamics, September 1998 organized by David Molyneux. It contains 46 papers that represent all currently available expertise on ship stability, spanning 17 countries from around the world. The framework adopted for grouping the papers aims to cover broad areas of ship stability in a way that it provides a template for future volumes.


1. Stability of the Intact Ship
Experimental investigation of ship dynamics in extreme waves
S. Grochowalski
A mathematical model of ship motions leading to capsize in astern waves 15
M. Hamarnoto and A. Munif
A note on the conceptual understanding of the stability theory of ships
A.1 Odabasi
The role and the methods of simulation of ship behaviour at sea including ship
capsizing 33
V Armenio, G. Contento and A. Francescutto
Geometrical aspects of the broaching-to instability
K.J. Spyrou
Application of nonlinear dynarnical system approach to ship capsize due to
broaching in following and quartering seas 57
N Umeda
Broaching and capsize model tests for validation of numerical ship motion
J.O. de Kat and KL. Thomas 111
Sensitivity of capsize to a symmetry breaking bias
B. Cotton, S.R. Bishop and lM.T. Thompson
Some recent advances in the analysis of ship roll motion
B. Cotton, JM.T Thompson and K.l Spyrou
Ship capsize assessment and nonlinear dynamics
K.1 Spyrou
The mathematical modelling of large amplitude rolling in beam waves
A. Francescutto and G. Contento
Characteristics of roll motion for small fishing boats
K. Amagai, K. Ueno and N. Kimura
Piecewise linear approach to nonlinear ship dynamics
VL. Belenky
2. Damaged Ship Stability
The water on deck problem of damaged RO-RO ferries
D. Vassalos
Water-on-deck accumulation studies by the SNAME ad hoc RO-RO safety panel 187
B.L. Hutchison
An experimental study on flooding into the car deck of a RO-RO ferry through
damaged bow door 199
N Shimizu, R. Kambisseri and I: Ikeda
Damage stability tests with models of RO-RO ferries - a cost effective method for
upgrading and designing RO-RO ferries
M. Schindler
About safety assessment of damaged ships
R. Kambisseri and Y Ikeda
Survivability of damaged RO-RO passenger vessels
B.C. Chang and I? Blume
Dynamics of a ship with partially flooded compartment
JO. de Kat
RO-RO passenger vessels survivability - a study of three different hull forms
considering different RO-RO-deck subdivisions 265
A.E. Jost and I? Blume
Simulation of large amplitude ship motions and of capsizing in high seas 279
A.D. Papanikolaou, D.A. Spanos and G. Zaraphonitis
On the critical significant wave height for capsizing of a damaged RO-RO passenger
ship 29 1
I: Haraguchi, S. Ishida and S. Murashige
Exploration of the applicability of the static equivalence method using experimental
data 303
A. Kendrick, D. Molyneux, A. Taschereau and I: Peirce
Modelling the accumulation of water on the vehicle deck of a damaged RO-RO
vessel and proposal of survival criteria
D. Vassalos, L. Letizia and 0. Turan
3. Special Problems of Ship Stability
Damage stability with water on deck of a RO-RO passenger ship in waves
S. Ishida, S. Murashige, I. Watanabe, Z Ogawa and T. Fujiwara
A study on capsizing phenomena of a ship in waves
S. Z Hong, C. G. Kang and S. K Hong
Physical and numerical simulation on capsizing of a fishing vessel in head sea
T. Hirayama and K. Nishimura
The influence of liquid cargo dynamics on ship stability
Nh! Rakhmanin and S. G. Zhivitsa
Exploring the possibility of stability assessment without reference to hydrostatic
R. Birmingham
Stability of high speed craft
Z Ikeda and T. Katayama
Nonlinear roll motion and bifurcation of a RO-RO ship with flooded water in
regular beam waves
S. Murashige, M. Komuro, K. Aihara and I: Yamada
Effects of some seakeepinglmanoeuvring aspects on broaching in quartering seas
h! Umeda
Ship manoeuvring performance in waves
K. Kijima and Z Furukawa
Stability of a planing craft in turning motion
Y: Ikeda, H. Okumura and T. Katayama
An experimental study on the improvement of transverse stability at running for
high-speed craft
Y. Washio, K. Kijima and T. Nagamatsu
Water discharge from an opening in ships
S.M. Calisal, M.J. Rudman, A. Akinturk, A. Wong and B. Tasevski
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