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TELchart V3.5.32

Year: 2011
Version: 3.5.32
Developer: TELKO
Platform: Windows
Windows7 compatibility: unknown
System Requirements: TelchartV3 will work on Windows XP and 7 for both 32 and 64bits platform. I have not yet tested the program on Windows 8, but for any of you who have tried it feel free to comment. I can assume that it will work on any newer version of windows, but if not, try the compatibility settings.
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: TELchart is an electronic charting system (ECS) for maritime use. The system makes use of vectorized marine charts from C-Map and offers a wide range of functions for navigation, route planning, safety, logging and data presentation.
The TELchart line of products have now been in continual development for more than 16 years, in close cooperation with our partner Furuno Norway's dealer network and end users from fishing, shipping and offshore vessels. In addition, the developers of TELchart themselves have direct experience with marine navigation. This have resulted in a charting system uniquely adapted to user needs while at the same time delivering unsurpassed ease of use.
TELchart maintains its user friendly interface, making the system very easy to learn. At the same time the system can offer a powerful suite of functionality tailored for a wide range of vessel types.
Thanks to NIKITON
Read first TELchart V3 by Telko AS v3.5.32 installation instructions.pdf

Telchart v3.5.32 installation

Telchart v3.5.32 installation:
1. Run "Telchart v3.5.32 setup.exe" and use the Password: MaritimeSafety
2. During installation choose the option "Install to use with CM93/3 professional+ edition"
3. Let the installation finish and install the charts.
Telchart v3.5.32 charts installation:
1. mount or extract "CM93 v3 (S57) WF766 (June 2016).iso" and copy (all files) to any folder on your PC where you like
(for example C:\CM93ed3-WF766)
2. Run C:\Program Files (x86)\cm93v3\System\GDBAdmin.exe,
show the path to CM93ed3 chart Database location (for example C:\CM93ed3-WF766), Register Database and Set it default.
3. Run C:\Program Files (x86)\cm93v3\System\LicenseAdm.exe.
4. Choose Zone 0 using “1234567890abcdef” as the key.
5. If you get a message that your license is expired or that will expire soon,
try to change this key randomly, between the codes bellow, until you get it.
You can use whatever key combination you want, as long as it is made of 0-9 and/or a-f.

TELchart V3 by Telko AS v3.5.32 installation instructions.pdf

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reza.seaman 30-Ноя-2016 02:05
23873Installed program and registered/licensed charts but I'm getting a message
g_manager->init() failed
What am I missing
Thanks in advance
Run Program as Administrator.
belanra 01-Авг-2017 15:45
A gift from our Chinese friends
CM93 v3 (S57) WF820 (Week 26, July 2017).iso
CM93 v3 (S57) WF821 (Week 27, july 2017).iso
CM93 v3 (S57) WF823 (Week 29, July 2017).iso
CM93 v3 (S57) WF824 (Week 30, July 2017).iso
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