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ClearWater Cargo Assistant/II (R) Ship Loading Program In-house training

Year: 2009
Language: english
Version: 1
Compatibility with Windows7: unknown
Description: ClearWater, also known as the Cargo Assistant, is the universal cargo handling software that is aimed to assist in container vessels loading. The Cargo Assistant main window is the starting point for all services available. It is build by the main menu and the results line close to the bottom frame which contains the most important calculated results for draft, stability and longitudinal strength. The data displayed at the results line can be changed. For that purpose move the mouse over it, right mouse button click to open a popup menu and choose the menu item of your choice. Further you will find at the left side of the result line two leds. The upper indicates the calculations of draft, stability and longitudinal strength running while blinking and the lower indicates calculations of lashing forces running while blinking.
Оценка: 4.8 / 5 (Голосов: 24)
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