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Marine Chain Cable Pocket Guide

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Lloyd’s Register
Genre: Справочное пособие
Publisher: Lloyd
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Number of pages: 48
Description: The risk associated with chain failure, as well as the costs of
replacement mean that it is essential that welded chain cable is
properly manufactured, tested and certified.
Stud link chain cable is a relatively high strength steel compared
with weldable structural steel. This is particularly true for grade
U3 chain materials. In order to achieve the required strength the
carbon is increased and the correct heat treatment is therefore
critical to achieving the required properties.
The composition of the steel used to manufacture chain cable
necessitates care when welding these materials. Most stud link
chain is manufactured by an automated flash butt welding
process, and where studs are welded this is normally done
manually. It is important that both processes are properly
conducted according to Rule requirements, since the result of
poor welding is a reason for rejection of the chain cable, as some
of the examples in this guide show.
This guide has been produced to assist LR Surveyors in the survey
of marine chain and fittings according to LR Rules. The intention
is to provide guidance on the correct interpretation of the Rules,
with regard to the survey of chain during manufacture.
LR has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the survey of
chain. Therefore Surveyors are reminded that if there is any doubt
over the acceptance of chain according to Rule requirements, they
should ask for advice.
The guide does not form part of LR Rules, and where necessary,
reference should be made to the Rules. The guide is based on the
requirements incorporated into the Rules for Materials dated July
2011, but Surveyors must always make reference to the current
version of the Rules.
Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 11)
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