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Marine engines & propulsion systems

Year: 2015
Language: english
Author: Ranger Hope
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: -
Edition: -
Format: PDF/DOCX
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 192
Description: This book describes the main engines, auxiliary motors and propulsion systems found on small commercial vessels of less than 80 metres (less than 500 tons).
Marine engines are described by their crankshafts’ revolutions per minute (rpm) – typically as low speed engines (less than 400 rpm), medium speed engines (400 - 1000 rpm) or high speed engines (over 1000 rpm).
As this fleet is principally fitted with high speed diesel inboard engines, or in the smaller craft increasingly with high speed petrol outboard engines, these are described most fully.
This text is provided for research and study only on the understanding that users exercise due care and do not neglect any precaution which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen or current licensing legislation with respect to its use.


Chapter 1: Principles of internal combustion engines
1.1 Operating principles
1.2 The four stroke engine
1.3 The two stroke engine
1.4 Timing- valves and injection
1.5 Air supply - turbo charging, after coolers
1.6 Engine protection – devices
Chapter 2: Fuel storage and handling
2.1 Fuel storage and survey compliance
2.2 Fuel transfer pumps
2.3 Fuel handling
2.4 Fuel contamination
2.5 Entering fuel tanks
2.6 Flash point
Chapter 3: Fuel supply, injection and control
3.1 Petrol fuel systems
3.2 Diesel fuel systems
3.3 Fuel injectors, combustion chamber
3.4 Diesel fuel injection pumps
3.5 Governors
3.6 Trouble shooting fuel
Chapter 4: Lubrication systems
4.1 Lubrication purpose and components
4.2 Oils and additives
4.3 Contamination, analysis and servicing
Chapter 5: Engine cooling
5.1 Marine cooling systems
5.2 Pumps
5.3 Faults, maintenance and servicing
Chapter 6: Gearing and tailshafts
6.1 Gears and clutch mechanisms
6.2 Reverse and reduction gear boxes
6.3 The shaft driven transmission system
6.4 Maintenance procedures
Chapter 7: Propellers and propulsion systems
7.1 Propellers
7.2 Methods of propulsion reversal
7.3 Other propulsion systems - Azimuth thrusters, Voith Schneider, Jets.
Chapter 8: Operating an outboard motor
8.1 Outboard systems and performance
8.2 Starting methods
8.3 Engine protection and devices
8.4 Start up, operation and shut down
8.5 Preventative maintenance schedule
Chapter 9: Operating an inboard diesel engine
9.1 Starting methods
9.2 Engine protection and devices
9.3 Start up, operation and shut down
9.4 Engine room log book
9.5 Safety aspects when working on engines
9.6 Preventative maintenance schedule
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting
10.1 Engine will not start
10.2 Exhaust smoke
10.3 Low operating power
10.4 Loss of lubricating oil pressure
10.5 Engine overheating
10.6 Excessive vibration, fluctuation of engine revolutions
10.7 Crankcase explosions


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