Arcan ® 05-Ноя-2016 17:09

MACS3 Loading Computer System 2013

Year: 2013
Version: 3 .NET
Developer: interschalt
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Windows7: yes
System Requirements: The system runs under both 32- and 64-bit operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Localization: english
Crack: Included
Description: The MACS3.NET Loading Computer System is a computer controlled loading system for commercial vessels, developed by Software Solutions Department of INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG. Prior to September 01, 2007 it was offered by Seacos Computersysteme & Software GmbH.
MACS3 consists of computer hardware and a range of software, which aim to minimize the operational load while loading a vessel, and to prevent any hard limitations from being breached.
Additional info: The software architecture and user interface of the MACS3 .NET Loading Computer System are designed according to the standard ISO 16155:2006 Ships and marine technology -- Computer applications -- Shipboard loading instruments, and to the following Rules and Recommendations:
-Rules & Guidelines of Germanischer Lloyd, chapter VI-11-7 "Loading Computer Systems"
-ABS Guidance Notes for the Application of Ergonomics to Marine Systems
-BV Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships, Pt C, Ch 3, Sec 3 "COMPUTER BASED SYSTEMS"
-IACS Recommendation on Loading Instruments (No 48)
Read carefully readme file before installation!


Оценка: 4.8 / 5 (Голосов: 39)
Arcan ® 30-Ноя-2016 18:13
26960Инструкции в pdf не открываются ??
После установки через install - все открывается. На диске (в iso файле ) - все файлы в упакованном виде.
Arcan ® 27-Фев-2017 16:33
29078Tanx for the download. I have an issue, the CRACK is not working.during the installation while installing "Drivers" error pops up.!!
"Error code:48 5 718 1275"
Did you read carefully readme file in the Crack folder?
Did you read that : "when will be prompted to install Sentinel HASP Run-time - you can cancel this installation
as no need to install any drivers for Hardlock anymore" ?
What is the reason you installed these drivers and got error message?
Crack is working and 170 users who downdoaded this soft can confirm that.
Arcan ® 01-Май-2017 17:53
30551The only problem I have, is that I cannot choose another vessel structure, gives me hardlock error..
Any solve on that?
I just only can say that you did not read carefully file readme.txt as it said in the topic. All users who read this file carefully has no this problem,
as they did not install hardlock drivers (Sentinel HASP Run-time), and therefore no any error messages occured.
searain 03-Авг-2017 13:51
С 2013-2014 версией кряк не работает, пишет файл не найден, скорее всего у новых версий размер mxold2new файла другой.
Arcan ® 03-Авг-2017 17:44
32472С 2013-2014 версией кряк не работает, пишет файл не найден, скорее всего у новых версий размер mxold2new файла другой.
Выложена как раз версия 2013 года. Работает точно. Проверено и не единожды.
2014 года - в руках не держал, Поэтому проверить не могу.
Arcan ® 21-Авг-2017 20:34
32804У меня есть полная версия с лицензионным ключем от CMA CGM. Работает с любым профайлом судна. Без всяких кряков.
Мы Вас категорически поздравляем с владением лицензионным ключем. Вам кряк - точно не поможет.
А поможет тем, кто хочет по тем или иным причинам запустить программу на нескольких компах или вообще в сетевом варианте при полном отсутствии ключа.
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