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Bulk Carrier Solutions: Safer and Stronger Vessels

Year: 20XX
Language: english
Author: ABS
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: ABS
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 29
Description: Bulk carrier safety initiatives have received a new sense of urgency, accompanied with a greater sense of liability in the marine industry. The relationship of bulk carrier age to total loss of a vessel cannot be ignored, but other operational considerations also play an important role in maintaining the structural integrity.
Statistically, for conventional bulk carriers, those vessels with more than 20 years of operation have a greater total loss probability, in addition to a greater loss of life probability. Capesize (more than 80k dwt) and handysize (10 to 40k dwt) vessels account for the majority of losses at sea. This is a concern as 51 percent of the handysize fleet is 20 years old or greater. There are many operational considerations contributing to the loss of a vessel that must be addressed for the next generation of bulk carriers.
ABS SafeHull is the starting point for an ABS approved design. Application of the principles found in ABS SafeHull provide the cornerstone to a structurally sound vessel. Additionally, the ABS SafeShip program follows a vessel from inception through its service life. This information management system allows owners the best method for maintaining their vessels. For further design verification, several analytical tools exist to address unique considerations for the larger bulk carrier designs.
Design alternatives to the conventional single sided vessels have been proven in the market to bring added strength, including the double hull or double side skin design. Bulk carriers with double sides are more durable ships – bringing added benefits for safety and operations.
ABS is a classification society of choice for bulk carriers. With practical experience and unmatched technical capability, ABS offers shipowners and shipbuilders of these vessels the most comprehensive classification services available.
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