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Stability Trim

Year: 2014
Version: 19.5.5
Developer: Avocet Data
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 2.2+
Localization: english
Description: Calculate the Stability , Trim and conduct Draft Survey. An all in one App for any Chief Officer on board a cargo vessel.
Now it is possible to check the trim on loading weight in ford hatches, check ballast water , experiment for even keel.
We build custom solution for Mobile units (all phones iphone,android,windows and Blackberry) for ships such as Bulk,OSV, Tugboats ,Tanker, General Cargo at a price you can afford.
Great for Containers and Bulk Cargo.
Stability includes the optional KN Curves of Stability
Ship stability is an area of marine Cargo Officer mainly the Chief Officer who per-calculates how a ship behaves at sea, both in still water and in waves. Stability calculations focus on the center of gravity and center of buoyancy of vessels and on how these interacts during the long passage.
The APP depends upon the Hydrostatic Data which has to be correctly uploaded to the APP. The ship Cargo Hold /Tanks are to be per-defined as well as the each Ballast , Fuel, DO Tanks.
Provision is made to make these tedious task an one time affair. Once the Ship is well configured , the user can then get the Stability Condition of the vessel before and after the Ship movement in/out if the port.
Draft Survey will be included by year end.
If exporting hydrostatic tables from MS Excel , please make sure the Table is constructed in the fashion explained on the [url=http;//]website.[/url] .
In the past users have tried to upload Excel Data with differing Column names which resulted in great error.
It is emphasized that Hydrostatic Data must be entered as accurately as possible.
This limited edition has limitation set on Hydrostatic Table. For full version please see Avocet Data 's App called Ship Loadicator Stability Trim
You are strongly advised to compare the GZ Curve with your own calculations to gain confidentiality in the App.
According to Capt Faruqi " Nothing in these code shall exonerate any user , Chief Officer or crew from the consequences of any chiding by the Master for using the Hydrostatic Table designed for another vessel , or wrongful data uploaded during the late night. Remember computer do not have a mind of their own. Garbage in means garbage out."

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