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Ships Container Bayplan

Year: 2014
Version: BAP3.02
Developer: Avocet Data
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 2.2+
Localization: english
Description: Mobile Bay Plan App is the world first Mobile APP for the Container Ship Industry and is a result of over 40 years of Cargo practice .
This App keeps you ahead of the curve with this innovative EDI solution. Ships Container Bayplan decodes and displays content of BAPLIE file. Although designed on the latest BAPLIE Version 3.0.2 , it has backward compatibility with earlier version of SMDG BAPLIE EDIFACT.
This version requires Internet connection only for downloading the EDI, if you use media such as USB/SD Card then Internet is not required.
Internet is also required if you need access to the Port Information. A data bank of about 16000 Ports is available on Avocet Cloud for Free.
It construct the vessel according to the information received , but user have an option to create their "own ship" profile.

More info

Graphic Display of Data
- Profile of the ship with display of hold / deck stack
- Bay plan front view for each bay
- Individual Bay Detail
- Individual Container Details
Reports generated
Container List with column sort ordering.
Summary of Containers for Each Port
Container detailed information
Container remarks , Handling instruction etc.
Ship Profile Creation
Ships can be created by specifying the number of Bay and the position of the accommodation.
BAPLIE can be imported directly from the USB / SD/ miniSD or other media compatible with your mobile unit.
using the syntax :
where mnt/usbhost/usb1 is the path determined by the File Manager. A video has been placed on youtube to assist you in importing.
Importing from the Web:
If you do not have access to external media , you can upload your BAPLIE to the web and download it from there.
For that you will enter
Please use .TXT extension for your file and not EDI as some website do not have any idea about EDI and may reject the file download. Most Web Server do accept EDI extension but just to be sure.
If you do not have any webserver which will host your file,then you can use to upload your file.
Please note that will delete your file automatically after you download it on your mobile.
If you need to store your file permanently you need an account with AvocetData EDI Cloud, a free service operated by Avocet for Seafarers. You need your facebook account to login to this service.
This version uses the mobile disk based data system , which is slightly slow as each data is verified and placed securely onto the database.
Advantage - Once we have the BAPLIE converted into a data base , data extraction and display becomes very fast .
Disadvantage: Data conversion is a slow process, a BAPLIE containing a 1000 containers will take about a minute to process , if you have 22000 containers in the EDI , it will take about 20 minutes to process all data.
But this is just ONE-TIME OPERATION so the advantages over ride this delay in processing.
Our Advance Version which is 18.0 uses XML data as BAPLIE is also available in XMLformat. If you use the SMDG BAPLIE format this APP converts the EDI into XML.
Advantage you get lightening fast processing of data as all processing is done using ram.

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Slava-F 04-Апр-2018 01:14
Arcan, how to locate file, is not working?
For examle, my file is located in mobile phone direcly in memory without folders.
and as result, file not located!!!
Arcan ® 04-Апр-2018 09:02
Slava-F, Уважаемый! Если Вы откроете спойлер "More Info" - то найдете для себя много интересного - в том числе и ответ на ваш вопрос.
Please use .TXT extension for your file and not EDI as some website do not have any idea about EDI and may reject the file download. Most Web Server do accept EDI extension but just to be sure.
Прежде чем голословно утверждать, что программа не работает - читайте мануал по ней.
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