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dKart Navigator 9000 VirtualBox Workstation with Win10 x64 and CM93v3 WF800

Year: 2005
Version: 9000
Developer: MorInTech
Platform: Windows all x86, x64
Windows7 compatibility: yes
System Requirements: VirtualBox installed, RAM for virtual engine at least 2048 mb and 15 Gb space on hard disk ( can be up to 32 gb)
Localization: english
Description: dKart Navigator is an electronic navigation chart system specially designed to facilitate all the navigational tasks of mariner's day-to-day practice.
dKart Navigator uses vector electronic charts that enables fast analysis of navigation situation and prediction of possible changes. In addition to the information available in the traditional paper charts, electronic charts contain information from other sources such as Lists of Lights and sailing directions.

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Program distinguishing features
Easy-to operate user-friendly interface; ability to work with all kinds of pointing devices with wheel (trackball);
Possibility to connect a wide range of external navigational devices;
World-wide chart collections;
Automatic route monitoring on chart, effective safety control with well-timed alarming;
Efficient route planning either directly on the chart or in table form;
Detailed registration of navigational situation in the electronic logbook with the function of ship movement playback straight on the chart;
Display of both raw ARPA and AIS images and target symbols on the chart, targets control and vessel-to-vessel data exchange;
Core principle - simplicity
The entire program concept bases upon the primary idea – simplicity causes effectiveness. This is why dKart Navigator is as easy to operate as possible. The program user-friendly interface has been especially designed considering specific conditions of operating with a computer at sea with the view to minimize the mariner’s actions when operating with the program to the maximum.
Electronic charts, used in dKart Navigator, offer certain advantages over raster and traditional paper charts – in addition to the information transferred from these sources, an ENC may include information from any number of other sources – such as List of Lights and Notices to Mariners. dKart Navigator operates with two types of vector electronic charts – in S-57 and CM 93v3 formats and allows both automatic and manual charts updating. C-MAP electronic charts are compatible with S-57 format on logical level, and provide worldwide coverage. Before starting to use C-Map 93v3 charts, they should be registered in the program, i.e. the corresponding licenses should be obtained.
Navigation devices: NMEA
Communication between dKart Navigator and external navigational devices is based upon NMEA-0183 protocol. This protocol defines the format of data to be used in navigational information exchange.
Navigation devices
dKart Navigator uses positioning data from various navigational sensors, such as compass, log, echo sounder, ARPA and AIS, thus providing the maximum level of navigational situation control. dKart Navigator is also capable of operating with information from ARPA and AIS.
Interaction between the radar and the system helps in achieving the best possible results in presenting radar information together with cartographic data. Besides, when comparing the radar image with the chart presentation the user has a more solid criterion of estimating both the navigational situation and the reliability of the system operating.
Navigational safety
According to ECDIS requirements dKart Navigator steadily controls the navigational safety providing both visual and audio alarms in case of a danger, which enables the mariner to take the appropriate measures to avoid an accidental situation. The program calculates and highlights on the chart the safety contour and other dangers according to the safety depth defined by the operator using Chart Presentation function.
Electronic logbook
dKart Navigator writes all program events into the Electronic Logbook. This feature allows you to browse the logbook, to study the navigational situation in a specific moment, to print the required logbook information or to play back the ship movements directly on the electronic chart to restore the navigational situation of any required moment.
Search and rescue
The program provides features to effectively perform Search and Rescue operation in accordance with MERSAR standard requirements. These features include rescue operation planning, i.e. creation of searching route, rescue operation modeling – displaying on the chart rescue vessels in accordance with the defined parameters, and cooperation between Search & Rescue and Man Over Board functions. Routes planned in this mode may be exported to analogous systems onboard other rescue vessels.
System configuration
All the program installation-specific settings are adjusted in System Configuration mode. This mode helps the user configure the computer COM-ports and connect dKart Navigator to the local network, define external navigational devices for each plotting mode, select the required geodetic datum and data format to display coordinates, define ship dimension parameters, adjust symbols and CM-93v3 charts presentation on the chart, and much more. System Configuration mode is also used to get access to C-Map 93v3 cartographic data.
Additional info: 1. Install VirtualBox
2. Create Virtual engine (Win 10 x64) with RAM at least 2048 mb, and VideoMemory 64 mb
3. Use downloaded file as hard disk.


FOR ALL, WHO HAS AN UNREGISTERED DATABASE CM93 after installation - Watch this video

Click Me / Тыц

Video Here
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Hi Arcan,
Works perfect on my end!
Still has the issue of the unregistered database,,,.....but your video corrects everything!
Thanks alot for your efforts!
By the way,...which program are you using for your video tutorials?
It has really great video quality!
Arcan ®
28783Hi Arcan,
Works perfect on my end!
Still has the issue of the unregistered database,,,.....but your video corrects everything!
Hi, onlinespiderman,
That is true. Unfortunately, after downloading on every new PC we need to re-register chart database.
That is why I asked you re change of VDI file or it's ID. For me it is still not clear, why registering of database goes down.
But actually it's not a big deal and everybody has to know how to do it when new database will arrive.


Video has been made with THIS software,
But unfortunately it exists with russian language only.
Let you try to email to author, probably he has somewhere with English language Улыбка
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