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Code of practice on safety and health in ports

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: ILO
Genre: Guide
Publisher: ILO
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 320
Description: This code is intended to be a concise set of recommendations based on good practice in the industry. The advice should be useful to all bodies and persons concerned with safety and health in port work.
Much of the guidance in the code reflects long-established standards in the industry, advice on various matters has been updated to reflect modern standards in ports and other industries, for example lighting and the height of fencing.
It is recognized that, there should be no difficulty in applying the revised recommendations in the code to new equipment, there may be difficulties in applying some of them to existing equipment. Wherever it is practical to do so, such equipment should be brought into compliance with the code as soon as practicable, for example during a major refit or replacement.
It is recognized that employers, workers or their representatives should cooperate and consult each other in respect of safety and health matters. Subject to this, the code should encourage employers and workers to do so with a view to promoting and practising a preventative safety and health culture and continuously improving the safety and health of all workers in the port facility.
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