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Редактирование доступно только для раздач со статусами: не проверено, недооформлено, неоформлено. Так что если вы хотите подправить описание или перезалить торрент, то напишите мне или модераторам чтобы они выставили статус на не проверено
Arcan 06-Янв-2018 21:50
How to edit your releases:
To edit your releases they have to be under status either
not formalized"
or "not formalized until"
or "not checked"
If status changed to another - it can't be edit. Ask moderator via PM to change status fo editing.
Then, just click on pencil in the right upper corner of your first post and then you will see edit screen like following:

Click first

Here you can edit your post and after completing of editing do not forget to push "Submit" button.
If you open another one window and will go to image uploading page: https://seatracker.ru/gallery.php
you may upload one by one screenshots of your release and each time you upload you will see the picture like this:

Click second

where you can copy line for updating of your release with additional screenshots.
And the last one - as you can see on first screenshot - there are some words in between tags:
[spoiler="Contents"]Guidance on all types of Claims[/spoiler]
The words "Guidance on all types of Claims" you need to replace with content of your book or with screenshots of contents as I explain you with second screenshot.
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