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Crew Training Manual

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: Komrowski
Genre: Manual
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 457
Description: This CREW TRAINING MANUAL is a comprehensive overview manual for our fleet. We hope that this manual will be an useful and informative reference to assist you throughout the familiarization and training phase, as well as during the daily job routines.
Upon creating this manual, we have tried to explain everything by understandable definitions and terms; for the engineers as well as for the assisting crew members.
One thing must be quite clear: This documentation is no substitute for existing supplier documentations with very detailed information. Above all, using information and instructions from this munuul needs the absolute required education and experience in ship technology, according to the rank of the crew member!
Beside some step by step instructions of special procedures, this documentation will give you also deep background knowledge of the individual technical systems on board.
This documentation is the result of a network between experienced ship crew members (master, officers, engineers and electricians) and the company support by the shipmanagement department as well as by the support of system suppliers.
This will not be another manual signed in checklist and tucked somewhere into a comer and unread! Because here you can find compiled information about the ship (ship class) which are usually not available in suppliers manuals!
Two of our main tasks are, to keep the technical equipment in good running condition and to get knowledge how to proceed under different and difficult circumstances. Emergency situations require quick decisions and procedures that have to be carried out correctly. And those quick decisions can only be based on deep knowledge of technical systems.
Don't let us forget the personal respect between all of us, independent from nationality or skin colour. Let us remember that authority and responsibility are basic items of safe and successful ship operation!
One more word about job philosophy. If we think that something is going wrong in our world we must remember that the best way to find another direction is, if we understand that at first the necessity of the balance between privileges and duties. This must be kept as a precondition for reaching preset and desired aims!



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