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Nautical Calculator

Year: 2017
Version: 5.3.1
Developer: Gabriele Giacomo
Platform: Android
Windows7 compatibility: no
System Requirements: Android 4.0+
Localization: english
Crack: Included
Description: Nautical Calculator is an Android application that calculates rhumb line and great circle navigation.
The application is totally free.
The main functions are:
- Given two coordinates, great circle and rhumb line courses, distances, great circle vertex and meridional parts is calculated, is show graphics.
- Given a position, new position is determined by advancing it for courses and distances.
- Wheel Over calculation
other features can be enabled.
- Calculate Average speed
- E.T.A. calculation
- Route plan, for manual waypoints planning
- Waypoint route
Additional info: How To crack:
1. Unrar and Install lucky patcher and nautical calculator from the downloaded file.
2. Open Nautical Calculator Apk and click Buy Feature.
3. Click "Not Buy" when Advice Pro Version Pops up
4. Start Buying features by clicking "Buy"
5. Another Pop up will appear, this time from Lucky patcher , Click "YES"
6. Repeat until all features are active.
P.S: Please Support the Developer by Buying The application, Thanks!


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