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COLREGS (А Guide to Good Practice)

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Roger Syms
Genre: Guide
Publisher: The Nautical Institute
ISBN: ISBN0-9542012-9-9
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR with errors
Pages count: 29
Description: The confidential marine accident reports which we publish each month in our journal SEAWAYS have indicated that mariners are frequently confronted with hazardous situations relating to the COLREGS.
To investigate the problems The Nautical Institute initiated in 2002 an international survey amongst seagoing officers to enquire if they thought there was a problem, what the causes could be and to suggest solutions.
The results were alarming with nearly 50% of the respondents stating that in their view the problems were caused by ignorance and wilful disregard of the rules.
However respondents also drew attention to other factors like distractions due to GMDSS false alarms. VHP chatter. VTS reporting, and paperwork.
When it came to solutions respondents highlighted both the need to improve the education and training of watchkeeping officers and better supervision by senior officers on board.
Undoubtedly we all have to work to improve standards of bridge watchkeeping and this thoughtful guide produced by the North of England P&l Club is an excellent place to start.
Officers can work through a page at a time discussing the elements with colleagues and relating the contents to the full form of the rules.
For experienced officers there is an opportunity to work through the text as a refresher and to use the booklet as a training aid when coaching junior officers and cadets on watch.
It Is our duty as nautical professionals to ensure that we are responsible at all times for the safe navigation of our ships and this booklet provides a valuable text to re-establish good practice.



Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 24)
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