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GMDSS Manual

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: IMO
Genre: Manual
Publisher: CPI Group
Edition: Ninth edition
ISBN: 978-92-801-1660-1
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 798
Description: 9th edition. Fully updated. Provides an explanation of the principles upon which the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System is based, the radiocommunication requirements and recommendations for its implementation, the operational performance standards and technical specifications to be met by GMDSS equipment, and the procedures for and method of operation of the various radio services which form the GMDSS and the Master Plan for the GMDSS. The Manual is intended for use by ship personnel, shore operators, trainers, administrations, regulators and anyone else concerned with ship communication.


Please see the contents at screenshotes.


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Rating: 4.7 / 5 (Votes: 106)
SerTan ® 03-Jan-2018 01:39
37145are page quality is the same as before GMDSS pdf ?
That should be the same as both were done on the same equipment. More modern PDF editor was used this time. That's why the size is less if compare with previous edition.
Anyhow you can see the quality under the spoiler Screenshots
There is small loosing of quality at the scan of book cover. That is due to the size of the book: unfortunately it is a bit bigger than scanner table and one side of the book was not close to the scanner glas.
Arcan 04-Jan-2018 20:39
seawanderer2018, For downloading this torrent you need to have at least 5 points of reputation ( see Reputation Limit in the first post)
Moutishake 05-Jan-2018 10:39
Um I guess it was simply removed.
Would there be a kind soul to maybe send me a link via PM?
I got a new job in the marine/gmdss domain, I am completely new to it, and that book would be a great help for my learning.
I got a glimpse at the content while onboard a vessel and the content would be perfect to help me learn a lot of the things I need to know
Arcan 05-Jan-2018 11:53
Moutishake, The easiest way to earn reputation is to share with other users any book, video or program, which is not exist on the tracker, with a nautical theme, and which is really needed by others. Reputation will grow up - right before your eyes!
Or you may ask the releaser via Private Mail and he probably help you to download this release.
That is his prerogative to install any limitation or temporary remove them (for christmas days, for example Ага Гуд! OK )
Moutishake 16-Jan-2018 04:04
Hello Guys, and good morning (or afternoon or evening depending on where you are :D )
Sorry to ask this again but Is there anyone who has a copy of this file who is willing to help me get it via PM? Плачет Pardon Учтиво!
SoaD 21-Mar-2018 19:55
hi everyone this is a very good torrent site and i think its the only i wrong ?!!!
i would really love that book im a mariner , cadet actually.
could someone help me and send me a link or the OP can reupload for educational purposes?
thanks in advance.
Arcan 22-Mar-2018 19:49
SoaD, If you wish to have the latest version - here is two ways - to earn some reputation points ( for this release - at least 5) and then you will have permission to download this release.
The other way is to ask releaser via PM and he probably give you a choice to get it.
As per me - old versions are quite enough for your education purposes. ( Read here about all ways how to get reputation)
romanich_trv 29-Mar-2019 14:28
nonstopsylar, if possible, could you please also send to me torent, I am preparing for the interwie and I need this GMDSS Manual:
Arcan 22-Apr-2019 14:23
romanich_trv, This is torrent tracker and not a mail service. If you have enough points of reputation - just download it. If you have not - just earn it or use previous editions of this book, which are free from reputation limit: this one , or this
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