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Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Richard P. Pohanish
Genre: Handbook
Edition: 6th
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 3060
Description: Sittig’s Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and
Carcinogens was first published 30 years ago. This work
continues to provide first responders and occupational and
environmental health and safety professionals with an
accessible and portable reference source. The 6th edition
of his handbook contains data on more than 2200 toxic
and hazardous chemicals (up from nearly 600 in the first
edition, nearly 800 in the second edition, nearly 1300 in the
third edition, and 1500 in the 4th edition).
According to the Library of Congress, the history of the
project is as follows: 1st edition published in 1981; 2nd
edition published in 1985; 3rd edition published in 1991;
4th edition published in 2001; 5th edition published in
2008; 6th edition published in 2011.
The chemicals chosen for inclusion are officially recognized
substances, defined as carcinogens, as belonging to some
designated category of hazardous or toxic materials, with
numerically defined safe limits in air in the workplace,
ambient air, water, waste effluents. For the most part, these
are materials of commerce that are heavily used and many
are transported in bulk.
The 6th edition contains more regulated chemicals and
expanded data on each material. Some material and appendices
from the previous edition has been eliminated or
moved to more appropriate sections. This was done to limit
the work to a pair of handy volumes.
All of this has been done to make the work more relevant,
more inclusive, and easier to use. The utility of the work
has been enhanced by the addition of three appendices.
Additionally there is a table that cross indexes the materials
by chemical and trade names and CAS Registry Number.


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