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Center for Chemical Process Safety CCPS Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Safety, Security and Risk Management 2008

Year: 2008
Language: english
Author: American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: 202
Description: The transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials on roads, railways,
waterways, through pipelines, and by other modes and systems provides vital
support for today’s economy and standard of living. Global trade has resulted in
more transborder shipments of raw materials, consumer products, and hazardous
wastes than ever before. The volume of traffic and the speed with which it moves
continue to increase in both developed and developing countries, with some
transportation systems operating at full capacity, thereby challenging the supporting
infrastructure. Urban sprawl and population growth have brought people into closer
contact with established transportation corridors, with much of the physical
transportation infrastructure carrying both people and industrial shipments.
Because the release of a chemical during transit poses a potential risk to
surrounding communities, property, and the environment, the transportation of
hazardous materials must be carefully managed. It is widely recognized that
chemical transportation is more than just a service function that fills a business
void; it is a comprehensive system of activities that involves numerous
stakeholders with varying backgrounds and interests. Therefore, chemical
transportation should address the entire supply chain of a commodity, spanning the
delivery and handling of raw materials through the offloading and unpacking of
finished products. Additionally, beyond the desire for accident-free chemical
transport, the evolving threat of terrorism and other security concerns should be
considered as part of a transportation risk management program. Since there may
be tradeoffs between safety and security, this balance can challenge even the best
business plans and risk management programs.


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