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The Splicing Handbook

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: B.Merry
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Pic
Edition: Third
ISBN: 978-1-4729-0344-0
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 195
Description: The Splicing Handbook includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided ropes, and it covers every kind of splicing project you are likely to encounter, including modern cordage such as Spectra; mainstream rope materials such as Dacron and nylon; and wire and rope-to-wire splices.
- Covers all the standard rope constructions using Dacron and nylon, including solid braid, double braid, parallel core, plaited, and three-strand
- Explains how to splice wire for sailboat shrouds and halyards
- Shows how to make a broad range of useful onboard projects--and several that will find uses around the home as well, including dog collars, netting, rope railings, and lanyards.
Additional info: It was bought on Google Play Books for 8.31 Euro with adapted for PC format, where it was saved as pictures and converted to PDF.
That is why there is the difference with original quantity of pages between original (229) and adapted (195) formats.


See at screenshots


Оценка: 4.4 / 5 (Голосов: 30)
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