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JRC Marine Radar Instruction Manual JMA-900B RADAR Mode

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: JRC
Genre: Manual
Publisher: JRC
Edition: 4
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 486
Description: The JMA-900B series is a color radar system designed to comply with the international standards
of the IMO.
The main functions include:
• sensitivity adjustment
• sea clutter and rain/snow clutter suppression
• interference rejection
• bearing and range measurement using a cursor, fixed/variable range markers, and electronic
bearing line
• colored own track display(7 colors)
• NAV line and marker displays
• TM (True Motion) presentation
• self-diagnostic facilities
• radar performance monitoring (Performance Monitor)
• Target Tracking functions (manual/automatic, target acquisition and tracking, vector and trail
displays, Trial maneuver and alarm displays)
• 8-unit switchover (Inter switch) function (option)
• Electronic navigational chart display function
• RADAR mode/ECDIS mode display change function (*)
* Refer to this manual for the RADAR mode functions and operations.
There is a separate ECDIS mode manual for CHART functions.
During Chart-Radar operation the ECDIS functions are slightly amended compared to the comparable
JRC ECDIS only model JAN-901B/JAN-701B.


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