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MILLENNIUM Maersk - Deck Operating Manual

Year: 2000
Language: english
Author: Hyundai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (HHI), A.P. MOLLER
Genre: Documentation
Edition: 1st issue
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 345
Description: The concept of this Deck Operating Manual is based on the
presentation of operating procedures in the form of one general sequential
chart (algorithm) which gives a step-by-step procedure for performing
operations required for the carriage of products.
The manual consists of introductory sections which describe the systems and
equipment fitted and their method of operation related to a schematic diagram
where applicable. This is then followed where required by detailed operating
procedures for the system or equipment involved.
Each cargo handling operation consists of a detailed introductory section
which describes the objectives and methods of performing the operation
related to the appropriate flow sheet which shows pipelines in use and
directions of flow within the pipelines.
A list showing the valves which are OPEN during the different operations is
also provided for quick reference.
The valve and fitting identifications used in this manual are the same as those
used by the shipbuilder.
Additional info: --> Ship info and name changes


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Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 15)
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