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FURUNO ECDIS FMD-3100/3200/3300 Computer Based Training

Year: 2018
Developer: ARI Simulation
Platform: Windows
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: PC with Display resolution XGA (1024×768) or higher, RAM 1 GB, DVD drive or USB drive
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: The FURUNO ECDIS CBT (Computer Based Training) is a training solution where trainees are able to take FURUNO Type specific ECDIS training on their own PCs. Since ECDIS CBT does not require constant internet access, trainees can study ECDIS CBT when and wherever they may choose.
This CBT program is intended for those who have already completed generic ECDIS training in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.27.
In addition to being used as a training tool for familiarization and operational training, it can also be used to demonstrate competence in accordance with the latest STCW 2010 requirements. The inherent capability to connect with and configure other third party ECDIS software provides a built in ability to carry out type specific training. The ECDIS simulator can be operated in either a standalone training mode or in conjunction with other necessary elements. The arrangement will essentially provide following components for training ECDIS based navigation, including passage planning and monitoring training as well as competence demonstration.
ARI ECDIS simulator is a realistic representation containing all the standard ECDIS features and having wide ranging applications in navigation, training and military applications as layers can be added into the system for strategic planning.
Additional info: 1. Open folder and run FMDCBT.bat
2. Before login you need to click on ‘Create new user’. Fill up all fields, click submit.
3. When you need more details, please refer to [User Manual.pdf] in folder: [FMD CBT Trainee ver 3.3\Application\FMD 310032003300\Documents\].
4. If you have key (which can be obtained from FURUNO) - you can pass this test and send results to Furuno and then you will get a Certificate. This key - one per each examinee, and can't be used twice. To obtain this key you need to contact either with your company or with Furuno dealers. Without this key you can easy just to pass this test without getting certificate. ( Picture with Trainee Flow added)


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Vitek777, Это не вопрос, а утверждение. Она и не должна устанавливаться. Скачивается, переносится в какой-либо каталог и просто запускается. Читайте внимательно описалово.
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