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ElectroDroid Pro v4.5 build 4501

Year: 2018
Version: 4.5 build 4501
Developer: IODEMA Srl
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 4.0+
Localization: multilingual
Crack: Not needed
Description: ElectroDroid PRO is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references
The PRO version of Electrodroid doesn't have any ads, and it has more features than the free version.
Additional info: WHAT'S NEW
Version 4.5:
• possibility to lock a value in resistor's series/parallel;
• support for 2%-5%-10% EIA SMD code values;
• improved precision in dB converter;
• minor fix in Resistor Color Code;
• new pinouts: Power Over Ethernet [Pro], 6-pin JTAG/SWD, 3-pin DMX512;
• updated resources: Ampacity table, new Battery tables;
• fixed resources: Capacitors codes, IEC World Plugs;
• fixed manual language selection in Android 7-8;
• translation updates;


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GOOGLE BOT 05-Мар-2018 20:12
Arcan 06-Мар-2018 11:07
Ну, хорошо, Kerrang, в этот раз заменим билд. А вообще - давайте менять не по билду ( которые на дню могут меняться по нескольку раз) , а по номеру версии.
Выйдет новая версия - go ahead! с удовольствием заменим ею старую версию.
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