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Maritime Cyber Security - Be Cyber Aware At Sea

Year: 2017
Language: english
Genre: Learning Video
Playtime: 5:59
Quality: HDRip
Format: MP4
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Audio: 128 kbps / 44 KHz
Description: Cybersecurity is a concern for almost anyone, but it’s becoming a serious and growing problem for the maritime industry. Onboard systems include GPS, DP, AIS, ECDIS, Radar, autopilot etc. and the control systems for ballast water, vessel stability, engine and propulsion control and cargo handling etc. Maritime cybersecurity is now a major problem for the industry, and this situation won’t improve on its own.
In addition to the equipment onboard vessels, there are similarly vulnerable systems located in ports, VTS centres, offshore installations, operators and manager’s offices and in numerous maritime support businesses and organisations.
These systems are vulnerable; they are vulnerable not only to a deliberate and targetted criminal attack but also to failure and ill-educated misuse. How well trained and experienced are your employees? How many seafarers have a good understanding of more than just the basics of computer security?


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