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How to install Navi Planner 4000

Year: 2018
Language: multilingual
Genre: Learning Video
Playtime: 18:07
Quality: DVBRip
Format: MP4
Video: 1434x718 / 352 kbps
Audio: NIL
Description: This video shows how to install and start Navi Planner from your computer.
Here is no any info how to configure software and made routes (autoroutes).
For this info please refer to proper documents which can be obtained on this tracker.
Add. info:
As soon as I prefer installation of multikey instead of sentemu, in the video you will see installation of multikey even for x32 version.
Installation for x64 Windows is the same.
No any comments. Just video.


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Masboy1980 13-Мар-2018 12:44
very nice video but I have a problem. I run win64. When I go to emulator for 64 and I run as administrator the "install", a window pops-up but immediately disappears (05:55 in video). As a result, when I double-click the planner, it still asks for missing dongle :/
Arcan ® 13-Мар-2018 13:11
Masboy1980, Let you try to open Command line window from Administrator and run install.bat from there. It will shows to you error and we can find further solution for this problem.
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