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A Seaman's Guide to Basic Chartwork

Year: 1990
Language: english
Author: A. G. Watson
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Morgans Technical Books Limited
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: ISBN 0 948254 01 7
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR with errors
Pages count: 313
Description: This book was written at the request of the Ministry of Defence
(Navy) and has been compiled and validated with the full support
and cooperation of the Royal Navy, both the School and the
Department of Maritime Studies of the Plymouth College of
Technology, and the Seafarers Education Service and College of
the Sea. Aim of the book The book is designed to teach seafarers
the basic techniques of chartwork as a necessary preliminary to the
practice of navigation. The place of the book in The book is designed
to teach only the techniques of plotting, and teaching navigation its
use alone will not enable the student to make a safe passage.


Chapter 1
Plotting positions by latitude and longitude 1 _ 30
Plotting positions by range and bearing
Definition of Dead Reckoning
Plotting Dead Reckoning position
Chapter 2
Plotting visual fixes 31 _ 105
Selecting marks for visual fixes
Selecting objects for transit
Checking gyro-compass by transit
Identifying marks by' shooting up'
Large and small cocked hats
Chapter 3
Running fix without tidal stream 106 - 134
Selection of objects for radar fixes
Plotting radar fixes
Plotting Decca fixes
Chapter 4
Definition of Estimated Position 135 - 205
Finding set and rate of tidal stream
Plotting EP and track
Finding course to steer to pass through a given
position, allowing for tidal stream
Finding course to steer and speed to set to
rendezvous in a given position, allowing for
tidal stream
Chapter 5
Converting between true courses and bearings and 206 - 269
magnetic compass courses and bearings
Plotting fixes taken by magnetic compass
Chapter 6
Running fix with tidal stream 270 - 297
Plotting clearing bearings and ranges
Transferring a position to another chart


Оценка: 4.7 / 5 (Голосов: 19)
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