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Marine Pilot Safety

Year: 1995
Language: english
Author: The Nautical Institute
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: The Nautical Institute
ISBN: 1 87007731 8
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 68
Description: Introduction
To those on board ship, be it crew member or passenger, the approach of land and subsequent arrival at the pilot boarding area of the port of destination is a noteworthy occasion.
The sight of the pilot boat and the climbing on board of the pilot, so often recorded on film, is an indication that the voyage, be it of a short or of a longer duration is coming to an end.
That sight of the estuarial or harbour pilot boat approach, operating often in poor weather conditions, and in many parts of the world offering a 24 hours a day service, emphasizes the seaworthiness and the handling capabilities of the modern pilot boat - a boat designed to not only operate in all but the worst of weathers but also built to withstand many years of “controlled collisions" against a ship’s side.
The pilot, having assessed the right moment to reach for and then step onto the pilot ladder, may then be faced with a considerable physical challenge in climbing up the ship’s side, to reach the safety of the ship’s deck and the hoped-for escort by a safe route to the bridge.



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