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SAAB Transponder System R4 AIS Operators Manual

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: SAAB
Genre: Manual
Publisher: SAAB
Edition: H
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 72
Description: The R4 AIS Class A Transponder System consists of an R4 AIS Transponder and an R4 Display. The R4 Transponder consists of a radio transceiver unit, a GPS receiver and a
controller unit. The transceiver consist of one transmitter and three independent VHF receivers, two tunable TDMA receivers and one DSC receiver. The transmitter alternates its
transmissions between the two operating TDMA channels and can also be used to reply a DSC interrogation (ITU-R M.825-3, Annex 1). The controller unit creates and schedules
data packets (containing dynamic, static and voyage related data) for transmission based on the IMO performance standard for AIS.
The R4 Transponder shall be connected to the ship’s sensors as required by the installation guidelines published by IALA. The R4 Transponder can interface external navigation
and presentation systems that support required IEC 61162-1 sentences as set out in the Installation Manual. The R4 Transponder is prepared for connection to Long Range systems like Inmarsat C.
The R4 Display provides a graphical user-friendly interface to the system. Via the display it is possible to plot the location of other ships, aids to navigation and search and rescue vessels. Information about other vessel can be listed sorted by range and optionally filtered showing only vessels within a specific sector. The display can also be used to send and receive messages, perform configuration as well as supervise the systems status.



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