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The Klutz Book of Knots

Year: 1985
Language: english
Author: John Cassidy
Genre: Technical book
Publisher: Klutz
ISBN: (ISSN 0-932592-10-4)
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 24
Description: This book is fully illustrated step-by-step guide to the tying of the world's 24 most useful knots. Carefully selected from a total of over 4,000, these are the All-Stars, the knots you need in the daily battle with the self-untying shoe lace, the dirt-level clothesline, the pop-up trunk lid and the rest of the modern everyday forces of chaos.
But The Klutz Book of Knots is more than just a written guide. It's also a tool, meant to be used as well as read. Each of the board pages is specially die-cut so that the knots can be practiced directly next to their illustrations. It is, in short, a book you can really get wrapped up in.


2. Clove hitch
3. The two half hitches
4. The tautline hitch
5. The better bow.
6. the bow tie
7. The sheeet bend
8. The square knot
9. The fishermans knot.
10. Grass band
11. the thruckers hitch.
12. gthe constrictor knot
13. The ring knot
14. The prusik knot
15. The timber hitch
16. The killeg hitch
17. The sheep shank
18. The rolling hitch
19. The coil
20. The package knot
21. The harness loop
22. The short end sheet bend
23. The figure and stopper
24. The incredible magic loop


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