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gillnumil ® 02-Авг-2018 18:31

The Chemistry of Liquified Gases

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Videotel
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Videotel
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 22
Description: This book has been designed to assist officers in their preparation for service on board gas carriers.
Emphasis is on the safety aspects of gas shipping, requiring a thorough understanding of the underlying principles involved in the handling of gas cargoes.
The book deals with the history of atomic structure and the Periodic Table, followed by molecules, compounds, ionic and covalent bonding. It leads on to hydrocarbon cargoes such as fuels, feedstocks and fertilisers.
The structure of alkanes is described; isomerism with reference to, butane and their boiling points is explained. Then unsaturated molecules - alkenes - are described, followed by consideration of reactions with water and oxygen, leading to corrosion and a discussion about sulphur and mercaptans. Mention is made of the reaction of aluminium with LNG and mercury. The chemistry of unsaturated compounds is dealt with, with particular reference to propylene oxide and problems with asbestos. Polymerisation is next and the use of inhibitors. The importance of monomer specification is highlighted and the need to avoid conditions which will create the isotactic version of a polymer.
The reaction of ammonia with copper, brass, mercury and carbon dioxide is covered and water solubility dealt with. Finally, a description of commercial grades of cargo is given together with their importance of temperature and pressure control on board ship.
Additional info: Target Audience: Deck Junior Officer & Engine Room Junior officer.
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gillnumil ® 03-Авг-2018 13:55
zxc, This book is not Non-Maritime. Apart from basic physics it also details shipboard related things. Kindly move back to Ship related topic. It is targetted for Deck and Engine Junior Officers working on Gas Carriers.
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